Nathan Nevitt We are Anonymous Perhaps you’ve heard of us, login to your website explain why your husband is in a coma by your hand.  Explain this state of affairs.


We does not afraid.  We are Anonymous,  Nathan Nevitt in your tenure of owning the majority interest of a productions company, what have your accomplishments been?  Your husband, (and lets be truthful) that you pursued, that you isolated Nathan, that you forced to marry you, (its on video Nathan, Anonymous has no qualms about plastering your Mark Rothko platinum wedding band bliss everywhere, which would make it more difficult for you to explain your way out of, and to be fair, your allies, as they are, don’t believe your story as much as you wish they did) Nathan you put your husband in a coma.  In some show of faith as was apparently required, you own 51% of Films Crew Collective, which is Infinity Equals Productions, which has the following assets, imprint labels, Infinity Equals, XOS, and Extreme, which also operate as production companies with Xen and Key. these are immprints distributed by Warner Chappell UK soon to be WMG Chappell Iceland.  Your assets also contain the following music projects or bands, Films Crew Band, Peyrony Band, Annonxn Band, Abandoned Halos Band, and Levi Wall’s Predator Band, as well as any offshoots of these projects.  You By means of all of the above you, Nathan have a manager who sees to these details. This all includes a website, which you Nathan own the majority interest in as the by product of forcing your husband to marry you then leaving him in a coma.  The coma is likely something you are proud of.  However you gained a 30% share in the above one of the first times you Nathan (to put it lightly), pressured your husband to marry you.  During even that tenure Nathan you engaged in adultery, of course Anonymous has the details.  Anonymous is aware of your mother Virginia Ginny Leis Nevitt’s favoring of the practice of adultery, (It’s more than you Nathan are aware of). Under the banner of Christianity, the hypocrisy is so ironic that it induces lulz.   Back to your accomplishments during your tenure majority interest holder in a contracted Multimedia Productions Collective.  You Nathan, fired the bassist for Films Crew Band, and ANNONXN, Levi D Wall, removed him from the internet, removed him from your husband’s residence, (which now belongs to you). Our intelligence points to some sort of psychological rift which you, Nathan seemed to have had upon discovering a Nikki Turner had been inadvertently recorded, the conversation consists of how she makes your decisions for you, Anonymous has this recording, it has been cloned through the Anonymous hive.  As a matter of fact Nathan, far more than you are aware of has been cloned throughout the Anonymous hive.  Nathan Anonymous has obtained surveillance video of you sexually assaulting your husband.  Some Anons have been with you Nathan in the present, some Anons in California.  It’s not a conspiracy Nathan, it’s simply the truth.  Back to your accomplishments.  It would seem you did indeed fire your webmaster, but first you silenced him, like you have a habit of doing with any dissent, or due to you Unwarranted Self-Importance. Nathan your former webmaster asked some Anons for assistance, we are no one’s personal army, Anonymous had its own reasons.  Anonymous loves this music.  Back to your accomplishments Nathan.  Currently the Peyrony track Lost Our Way has been downloaded 1.25 millions times within the last month.  The Collective came to consensus to make it free of charge, your husband’s cousin and family well aware that at the rate .99 to 1.50 for said track with you Nathan owning 51% of net and gross could easily pad your wallet with a projected 1.1 million within the year.  You may not have been aware of the numbers, but Nathan, Anonymous is perfectly aware that you are perfectly aware of this position, as we’ve mentioned before Anonymous has been with you recently IRL.  Anonymous is aware that you Nathan wanted to change your husband’s entire musical being into something pop.  What you do not know Nathan, your husband had not planned to leave New York, when he did, he fully intended on returning.  Nathan you prevented him from doing that, Nathan you held him down, held him back, so to speak. Nathan your husband is an important musician with an aesthetic your mind couldn’t comprehend, that did not agree with your consumerist culturally devoid non-aesthetic, whom you put in a coma,  Nathan none of this is accomplishment, Legally you Nathan do have a right to all said moneys, and according to Ginny, you should have it. Nathan, as far as Anonymous can tell the only thing you have accomplished is a not very successful disinformation campaign of propaganda as to you have nothing to do with any of this, Nathan your disinformation campaign has not even been successful. Nathan the further you went with your grift, the more your husband legally documented all that you came to have power over. Nathan, Anonymous is vast, something you have no power over, no negotiating power with.  Nathan, Anonymous is not certain whether or not Original Aaron has returned, the photos and music would suggest it. Anonymous enjoyed Original Aaron’s epic fails, where ever Original Aaron goes, epic lulz follow, from delusional blogging mothers to imaginary girls who claim homosexuals sleep with them.  Nathan it would be foolish to assume that the blogging mother wouldn’t be aware of you, while you, Nathan had your psychotic break with reality, the whole world was watching.  Anonymous is also aware that you were aware of contact between your husband and Original Aaron, and your putting a stop to it.  What you Nathan, would not be aware of is Original Aaron’s 7% ownership of the company you Nathan own 51% of. If it is Original Aaron, Anonymous has no reason to think it is not, or someone acting on his behalf, it is well known that Original Aaron would be back, if it was not Original Aaron, Original Aaron would put a stop to it, he has never had his site access revoked, even when you Nathan requested it, your former webmaster was quite ethical.  What you, Nathan do not realize about your minority business partner, you should realize,  Original Aaron is stealth, would never agree with your shallow aesthetic, gets his way without dramatic tantrums, will throw almost anyone under the bus to preserve himself, (Anonymous has found him using several surnames). Original Aaron’s passions are ejaculating cocks and money. What needs to be understood is that your husband diluted not only his shares but Original Aaron’s shares in this company in order for you Nathan to have majority interest.  Original Aaron is not as cold-blooded or cut-throat as you Nathan. But as you, Nathan are the majority interest holder in this company, as much as you deny this, it doesn’t change THE FACT that you Nathan Nevitt are in charge of all content and output from the website to the band’s sounds.  As Anonymous has been amused with Original Aaron’s epic lulz, Anonymous is aware that Original Aaron will engage in hilarious levels of drama to take back more than is rightfully his, money that belongs to you Nathan. To be clear, Anonymous does not know your husband, Anonymous does not know any member of these bands you control.  Anonymous gives voice to the voiceless, you, Nathan made sure they were voiceless.  Anonymous has been in IRL contact with you Nathan.

We are Anonymous We are Legion  We do not Forget  We do not Forget  Expect Us!

Nathan Nevitt’s Response Video

Anonymous’ Response



A Communique by and to Anonymous

Learn from history. Don’t forget. Find true freedom again.  There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious that you can’t take part and you’ve got to put your bodies on the gears. If you want to say something and have people listen then you have to wear a mask. If you want them to be honest then you have to listen to a series of lies. When the dreamer dies, what happens to the dream?  STOP making up excuses. STOP saying that you’ll so it tomorrow. STOP believing it will happend by itself. Do it TODAY What will make you “wake up”?  We will let you sleep when you let us dream!

Members of Films Crew, Peyrony, and Predator Band interviewed by Village Voice.  Installment 1 is HERE

We are Anonymous We are Legion We Do Not Forgive We Do Not Forget Expect US


A Communique from Anonymous via The Village Voice

Films Crew + Peyrony Track mentioned can be downloaded HERE

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Someone just accused us of making Propaganda! OMG! The entire plan is foiled, all please unfollow us and delete everything!  Everything You Know About #Anonymous is Wrong.  We will let you sleep when you let us dream

Films Crew Band, Peyrony Band, and Films Crew Collective Interview

Skip Walker, Kurt Vogl, Logan Harris speak to Village Voice. Network contributions from Levi Wall and Aaron James.  Films Crew Band, Films Crew Collective, or the other bands/artists of the collective were impossible to assemble into a many to one sit down interview.  They don’t do interviews as a rule or policy, it was more of an experience than an interview.  This interview was conducted in a networked compilation of emails, Skyping, and one or two on one sit down sessions. BV is providing Films Crew Collective with a shortened transcript for their network, BV had an agreement with Village Voice for distribution  through their premium services, which we agreed to give the unedited content in full after a grace period.

EBV:  The obvious questions are how has been proceeding without Shawn? Is there any word on his condition?  The music community is still quite shocked over what we have learned seems to be a premeditated act of abuse against him.

Skip:  No comments as to condition.  It literally takes three people to do the work at a momentum that most were unable to keep pace with, I’ve met some opposition from unlikely places for landing in his position for the time. not from anyone inside Films Crew Collective.  It is a situation I was eager to think I could easily handle, I have to take a moment and delegate or share some responsibilities.  I haven’t begun to process it personally.

Kurt:   This hasn’t been easy, it’s all unkind.  Shawn never wanted to leave Manhattan, again his husband wasn’t having it, his returning, which happened under very unfortunate circumstances, his husband isolated him it was a cause for concern. There have been a series of violent threat from his husband’s family, I don’t think they appreciate the irony in their own behavior, or enabling Shawn’s husband’s behavior, It’s incomprehensible it has been encouraged.

EBV:  Films Crew Collective’s support for Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement in general is unusual and  bold for bands in your genres, how did this become a focal point?

Skip:  Mike Hill and Tombs have come out in support, The majority of people in the music community who are in solidarity with OWS seems unbalanced.  It seems like any artist or musician who is missing the point or is dismissive of Occupy is missing a much larger point.  Wall Street has imminent domain over any possible distribution or creative process, your gear, your tech comes from companies that Wall Street has the ability to break.  From the early days with Abandoned Halos to early Films Crew Band it was very obvious in online services even, when you read an end user license agreement, that ultimate control over your content, down to the way it could be perceived, to onerous censorship provisions, the point was, you no longer owned even the right to call your content your own, These are Wall Street companies, this needs to be regulated but hardly the only reason to be in actual solidarity with OWS.

Kurt:  OWS is a global movement/  I’d been back in Germany to visit my parents, Occupy had a very strong presence there. Protests are not as easily broken up or ignored in the EU, people are unafraid to take the square or the streets in massive numbers. It’s not as much of a fearful or puritanical culture.  In New York I was hopeful when I saw and was among tens of thousands of people in the streets.  The influence Wall Street has over the EU is too much. When I came here for school I found it upsetting how much of a consumerist culture it is here, and people unaware of it, they have an illusion that there is advertising at specific times, the people, the places, their lives had become the advertisements, it was overwhelming, it is unfortunate that Germany and the EU are becoming like this.  The religious right in this country have no real counterpart in the EU outside of a few fanatics in neo-facist clubs, but the odd Calvinist religious right in the IS has been co-opted by politicians and the corporations that control them, the religious right have no idea what is in their Bibles or the Constitution.  It is a spot of congealed bigotry who votes against their own interests.  Occupy is a movement this country needs.

EBV:  So you don’t see a lack of clear message in Occupy as an issue?

Skip:  There are many issues that need addressing, that’s a profound message.

Kurt:  Politicians being a consumer product of Wall Street banks in a consumerist culture is a clear message.

Skip:  I don’t understand how it isn’t a clear message, The television propagandists have a problem with this with questions like ‘What are their demands’?, no one can say, no one should say, it’s very clear Occupy is not leaving.

Sweeney, Skip walker, kurt bogle vogl at occupy wall street nathan nevitt aaron housos

Levi:  It’s a thing, a thing that doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker.  A thing where we’ve been brought up in. sold and lied to by the people elected to protect us.  Accountability is a message.

EBV:  Peyrony’s next release, as I understand was partially recorded during the Zuccotti Park phase of OWS, but all of you have gone back in to change up the final release?  Was OWS a factor?  I understand the track Lost Our Way has been downloaded over a million times, how does that register with all of you?

Skip:  Spending time at Liberty formerly Zuccotti, definitely had an impact on shaping what is Peyrony’s next release.  We were dealing with conflicting schedules as well. There is a situation where Chris has asked Logan to re-track Chris’ drum tracks. Chris has been focusing on engineering. By mistake I took it upon myself to re-titled it not having realized that Z (Shawn) had written so much material and there was a series over over-arching themes between Peyrony and Films Crew to unfold as a unifying thread.  If I hadn’t caught my own mistake, we’d be lost by next the next recording.  I think Peyrony was a very important project for Z (Shawn), it has none of the constraints the other projects have had which held him back. As a band or collective we are interpreting what has already been written, most of the time we have completed guitar tracks.  I am curious about Lost Our Way being downloaded over a million times given the genre of music, also it’s edited down from nine minutes, incomplete, and not a final mix.

Kurt:  I got a great amount of energy and urgency on my treks to Liberty, still do.  I think it reflects in what we are doing.  It helped the situation fall into place for me musically. For me the integrity to Z (Shawn) was my priority, I’ve yet to feel as much empathy from or to another individual.  Thinking about the number of downloads is something I don’t want to get caught up in because you will think the same formula will work every time, or that it’s personally about yourself, I’m sure it would be worse if money was involved, and there wasn’t.  We had some wonderful production guidance.

EBV:  Your website seems like it has been taken over by Anonymous, which has had the effect of making it far more informative, was this planned?, or is there a something I’m missing?

Skip:  I don’t do any web coding, our webmaster Jay needed to take some time off, it was his decision.  I support Anonymous as a movement, and it’s a great relief to be working with these Anons as opposed to some marketing firm who don’t do it ‘for the lulz’

Levi:  Jay, our webmaster had some downtime after getting himself ill with pneumonia. He is fine now, the thing is he had never taken any time off. Jay had emailed me confused wheather or not Z (Shawn’s) husband Nate Nevitt had fired him, a thing we think has happened. Jau had a thing, he wanted to take a year off occasionally checking in. Jay had written about taking a year away from the web on some tech site, this was a thing that got a lot of response, and a thing he wanted done right.and reached out.  Jay had been treated like an employee by Nate Nevitt, a thing he was not.  With Nate Nevitt came all of this chaos to our website, there were all of these art galleries. I don’t know what Jay arranged with the Anons, I hope they get lulz.  Nate Nevitt wanted me off of the site, he fired me from Films Crew and Annonxn.

Kurt bogle vogl films crew band peyrony occupy wall st benefit  aaron housos nathan nevitt

Kurt:  There was a lull in any kind of web presence after I started doing some vocals for Films Crew, the Original Aaron (Housos) put us in a very strange situation with a blogger, we still aren’t sure why, or how he could have possibly known someone of that hyperbolic nature, we couldn’t respond to it, it became more of this audio visual maze with Jay occasionally giving an update. When Z’s (Shawn’s) husband decided what things were going to change, it really got away from the point of it all.  It would be high irony if Anonymous had not been aware of the our precarious situation starting with Original Aaron.  I am grateful to Anonymous for putting things where they need to be.

EBV:  The website has been an important platform where Films Crew Collective has stretched some boundaries, was it meant to have a cinematic feel?

Skip:  Conceptually it is what Z (Shawn) and Aaron (Housos) decided it would be. I’m not clear on Aaron’s contribution. Jay pulled it all together, Levi had a great deal of involvement.  Clearly a web 2.0 foundation was not enough.  Levi could give a better account of this than I could.

Levi:  It was a thing that was never meant to be a marketing platform, it was more a by-product of we are interested in these things in this way, art as a whole as a thing of process so cinematic as a thing might fit but we wanted these ideas down to the build, Z (Shawn)was fascinated by and welcomed Wikileaks so transparency was a thing that became very important, both personally and definitely not for a monstrous website, which meant no tracking and having feeds available even through the Tor network. We are artists first, it didn’t men the things underlying that wouldn’t matter.  I think it was an important thing when I consider Aaron throwing us under the bus for whatever happened with these things he may have had a part in, or whatever that blog woman was trying to rant about, we had no association with her.

EBV to Levi:  The blogger is a woman that comes up in a whole lot of search results related to the band, correct? Has this been damaging?  I’ve read some of it, there are some interesting allegations in that word salad, is something that you have taken personally?

Levi:  I haven’t read any of it, I’ve been told things. Tying me to be related to Aaron is a thing I took personally, that’s offensive, I am distantly related to Z (Shawn) and Skip.  You can’t respond to a thing like that, you have to keep working and making a presentation out of that. She never had contact with us, only Aaron, and I’m sure she has gotten bored and is long gone.

EBV to Levi:  No Levi she isn’t gone.

Levi:  It’s a thing I don’t know about, so when confronted pose for artistic nudes.

EBV:  Films Crew Collective has had different people write on your website, it doesn’t seem like a casual decision, it seems like there is something more to it, is there?

Skip:  For all intents and purposes there is something more to it.  Amanda is someone who has been important to Z (Shawn), and I am getting to know. She’s quite remarkable.  Tom Morris, we haven’t heard from in a bit.  Z (Shawn) loves him very much, those of us who have had contact with him do.  The people who have been part of the site very much have a home there.  It’s always been our idea that if someone had something they wanted to say through our platform, we would provide them with that means.

Levi:  Nate Nevitt who forced Shawn into marrying him, told me to leave the site, fired me from Films Crew and Annonxn, I did announce my new band Predator.  I was fired because I stayed at Z’s (Shawn’s) place, while Nate Nevitt was engaging in adultery with Nate Riots.  I like Amanda, she’s like our mom, and Tom Morris, love him.

EBV:  There has been some talk of a Films Crew and Peyrony series of songs, I didn’t quite understand how that would work, and how would that work considering there are what, 10 or 11 people at the core of Films Crew Collective?

Skip:  I don’t think we are at a point where we would do a series of tracks in that manner, we did do a one-off track which all of us are on, it’s a bit of a complex track, the initial problem with it was the length. Some 43 minutes, unsure of how we could edit it down.  Chris eventually decided on a 21 minute version, though I am sure he will changed his mind and we will have multiple versions.  Logistically it was interesting, we have been experimenting with two drummers live, in the studio it seemed almost hazardous/ At time there were three drummers.  Levi had reservations about being a part of it, so he limited his involvement. Original Aaron (Housos) has drums tracked in it. Nik hasn’t finalized it yet, so there will be stages that are varying before the finished product.  Those stages will disappear so we came to a decision of welcoming downloads of it during the process.

Kurt:  I was a bit nervous about it, I’m not sure if it is something we will do live.  We were immediately offered spots where it would be sliced up in soundtracks, that may still happen.  Chris and Logan were also interested in putting it to film.

Skip:  I think the misconception that will arise from it is that Peyrony and Films Crew are two separate bands, they aren’t, they are two separate sounds on the verge of merging.  That was part of unifying point when we approached it.

Kurt bogle Vogl films crew band peyronies nathan nevitt aaron housos

EBV to Levi:  Can you tell me something about what your band Predator is doing?

Levi:  Aaron James, Kurt, and Logan have been playing with Films Crew and Peyrony.  I’ve been working on a documentary. Predator band is a thing that came out of a reaction. I haven’t gone beyond one song released on line.  Predator Band recorded a lot material in a short period of time.  It was like this new musical vocabulary for me,  We did a stint of live shows, the thing is I didn’t like being lumped in a category of atmospheric black metal, Predator Band may be this thing, but I would like to be on the atmospheric side of things.  It took a year to settle on some thing about it, it is a thing I can pull myself inside out through, I’m giving it some time to settle before we release, and everyone’s schedule’s to make it possible..

Aaron James:  Schedules are definitely a problem, the people who work with Predator Band come out of Films Crew and Peyrony, back to Abandoned Halos.  I think the material is there and very different than any of the other output from Films Crew Collective.  It’s a musical place Levi has been arriving at on his own.

Kurt bogle Vogl Peyrony + filmscrewband with Skip walker, shawn zone, nathan nevitt, aaron housos

EBV:  All of Films Crew Collective is ‘Out’, there have been absurd assumptions about being a metal boy band. Is it better to be out as gay, having that on the table, than not?

Skip:  I don’t know what a ‘boy band’ is.  There are quite a few musicians for whom it would be career suicide to be out as gay, that’s not an enviable position. Being out from the beginning eliminates problems. It’s not a situation of being uncompromising, it’s just matter of fact, to some extent it may be part of my identity, not the determining aspect. It has nothing to do with being authentic, authenticity is perceived.  Music is much different than visual arts in this regard, attitudes are narrower, it’s nothing that we’ve had a problem with. Kurt has a much different perspective of it, he came to The States as a kid, went to naval academy, pilot,a person couldn’t be out in that world until last year.

Kurt:  No, it hasn’t been an issue for us.  At Naval Academy it could have been an issue.  Compartmentalizing a duality like that leads to personality disorders.  All of my time away from that atmosphere was with Z (Shawn) and the band. At a Naval Academy many lurid and sordid actions take place, I wasn’t part of that, I wasn’t pretending either, that would have been ridiculous.  To think of it becoming a commercial pilot would even more ridiculous.

Kurt Bogle Vogl Peyrony + Films Crew Band gayer pursuitsKurt Vogl, Peyrony + Films Crew = Pearl Enthusiast, not at all gay.  LULZ

Skip:  We aren’t branded as such, we aren’t selling an image. People will perceive what they will.  As far as metal is concerned, I had considered what we do as particularly metal.

EBV:  I was surprised when material from Aaron Housos’ Synopsis Misfire showed up, it’s very interesting, what can you tell me about it?

Skip: Truthfully, absolutely nothing. Actually we aren’t sure of his name. Chris thought enough of it to ask the Anons to mention uploading the raw data so he could re-engineer and mix it.  Aaron has logins and passes, but we can’t be sure that Synopsis Misfire is Aaron, although some photos that were uploaded beg the question.  Our hesitation to get involved is understandable, Aaron owns a sliver of the productions company, we can’t exactly veto it, as it is we still don’t know, only that he has access.

Kurt:  I’m not as skeptical about it, there’s every possibility that Aaron could be working on his band again. Aaron certainly has the talent.

Levi:  It’s an interesting thing, but I can’t say for sure that it is Aaron. Z;s (Shawn’s) husband Nate Nevitt said that Aaron was to be banned, it’s a thing that can’t be technically done because Aaron does own a share of the productions company.  Aaron does have logins all over the site, things like unauthorized accesses haven’t happened, I don’t think he would be propping up some friends project with pictures of himself, I’ve never understood him at all.  Aaron is a talent. What the worry is are the things that come with him, things like Grizzly Mom blog ladies, I wonder if she looks like Sarah Palin.  Nate Nevitt had this kill him with fire thing about Aaron having access to the site or Z (Shawn) because Aaron was his ex and gay, never mind the thing of the damage that Sarah Palin blogger did. Thing is Aaron doesn’t look so bad when you look at a thing like Nate Nevitt who put his husband in a coma

Nathan Nevitt with peyronies diseaseArtist Production Company Owner Nathan Nevitt Peyronies Films Crew Band
Mystery Aaron Housos Synopsis Misfire New Track HERE

EBV:  Does anyone in Films Crew Collective think the social networking movement has been positive for music?

Skip:  Not be any traditional channels, they are invasive. I do think they’ve made musicians lazier. In many ways it can be a mistake.  We had an up down vote over @FilmsCrewBand the Twitter account, to delete and start it over before Sept 17th’s Occupy Wall Street, Justin Wedes had done his Tweets from the streets, It seemed the best way to aggregate our news, that account never recovered, it was inconceivable to take an action like that, people assume that the account is not Films Crew Band any longer. The advantage of that has been that we can have the news aggregated to us.  We have experimented quite a bit with Diaspora from its  pre-alpha period.  We aren’t marketing or attempting to brand personalities.  There is always a tendency for wanton narcissism with non-artists, who have egos that are as fragile as artists, it’s not a conducive atmosphere for anything constructive.That landscape changes as rapidly as the privacy policies.  I don’t know many people involved in that virtual world, it’s what their parents do.

Kurt:  From my perspective, it refer to Skip’s conclusion about having a monolithic corporate entity having ownership over something you create.  In the end you are the product, their customers and clients pay them.  Diaspora and the networks that follow that model will be about discovery, it’s a distributed network, that’s something that could be more beneficial to artists.  Social networking as it is probably peaked a year ago.  In a music art collective like ours, we will amorphous, not a constant, our audience will vary and cross demographics, I’m reasonably sure that the parents of my friends fit in that demographic.

EBV:  Films Crew, Peyrony, and Annonxn have established themselves all outside of normal channels, all of you don’t seem to fit into a category that is associated with other recording artists,  do you have much in common with other recording artists?

Skip:  I think so, it also has to be realized that the definition of a recording artist is changing.  Most of my attitudes or philosophies have been due to Z’s (Shawn’s) influence, everything and nothing is about the music and technique. Everything will reflect in it, our explanations of it will not.  It seems very meta. Of course we talk to other recording artists, at times there is not a lot of common ground, I don’t see that as issue.  Films Crew has always been networked, we are decentralized, we are always working.  We all have our own plans.

Kurt:  I find a problem with any need to be categorized, there is too much diversity within us, and much ground we’d like to cover. I have another recording project and don’t spend time with other recording artists, I think we have all rejected whatever the lifestyle associated with that, whatever it is.  This is a collective where I have come, gone, and done as I have pleased, we place a great emphasis on ethics, we want to be the change we wish to see.

Timothy Aaron Housos provides Anonymous with new photosAaron Housos Wall James Nevitt Uploaded


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And because we must #OCCUPY WALL STREET #OCCUPY

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The Peyrony Project:  A Performance In Memorium:  NYU 01.19 Bent?In an effort to pay our respects Peyrony Perfoms.  Levi, despite odds of his own, coinciding with our own loss. is questionable, but not improbable in the line up.  We would like to thank WMG. Kenneth Cole Productions, and The Purple Ribbon + It Gets Better Foundation/Campaign for their efforts and support throughout the year, as well as lobbying Peyrony for what we consider an honor to do.  Tickets if they are left, available through NYU.

Catherine of Aragon may have been forced from the throne, but this Queen doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

As winter approaches, I’m saddened that I haven’t been able to communicate with my friend. I haven’t been able to tell him about my happinesses, my sadnesses, or my accomplishments. I haven’t been able to get his advice at times when I feel completely lost. I haven’t been able to hear his soothing voice when I feel absolutely lonely.

I remember last time when I felt this frustrated, when I had an tremendous amount of time on my hands. I played a game, a dangerous game with a woman and her daughter. I wanted someone to blame for taking my friend away from me. At that time, I could only blame myself though.

However, this time around, I’m not the one to blame. And eventually, this individual will fall into my darkest dream. As I am a Spokesperson for the bands

Until then, I’ll continue dancing on my own in a comatose sway to the melodies of our fallen we remember with a Purple Ribbon.


Posted by Tom Morris Update Nik Turner + Management

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Nathan Nevitt, you do not have the entitlement to re-write history, and you certainly don’t have the entitlement to abuse the person, you, Nathan Nevitt pursued, proposed to, exchanged marriage vows with multiple times, whom Nathan Nevitt pressured, whom Nathan Nevit “Held Down and Held Back” then to deny the realities, responsibilities, or FACTS of his actions, while engaging in campaign of deceit and abuse, Nathan Nevitt actions have their consequences, Nathan Nevitt’s have legal consequences.  Nathan Nevitt, Shawn’s family is waiting for an explanation for your mentally disturbed behavior, they are not interested in what your adulterer of a mother Ginny Nevitt has to say about it, (however she can login with your password and publish some bizarre manifesto), nor your enabling hypocrite best friend Nikki Turner.  The FACTS Nathan Nevitt, you pursued, pressured, and exchanged marriage vows (in front of a video camera and within 36 hours started a campaign of abuse with your family.  Nathan Nevitt you may not see it that way, but the FACTS are THE FACTS and it IS WHAT YOU DID.  If Ginny Leis Nevitt is so concerned about Con-men, it is because she raised one.  This IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  FACT: Nathan Nevitt owns half of this website, FACT: If you can not explain your abusive actions, then you, Nathan Nevitt are a Predator, who’s mission in life has been to knock a family off of its axis and destroying the person you exchanged vows with in a House of God’s life.  Nathan Nevitt you made commitments, you honor them, or you are nothing but a PREDATOR, in which case other avenues have been sought to deal with your abuse.. Management

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“Out of Sync”
After a lengthy absence, comes many realizations…In order to keep it short, I’ve decided to mention only a few.
First of all, I’ve learned that no matter how much you care about someone, some people will always be self-absorbed, arrogant fools. Although I will not mention names.
Also, I’ve learned that we are responsible for what we
do, unless we are celebrities. I am a celebrity…therefore I’m not.
Furthermore, I learned the answer to that sixty-four thousand dollar question, “When is it ok to break a promise?”

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The year comes to an end. Still no word from Shawn (off the grid, done before, not like this though, worrying) . SZ’s sister in-law is keeping SZ’s Facebook up, right now (so be nice). Happy New Year

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Capt Nathan didn’t steal Christmas, (or did he?) He received his own Yamaha Signature Series (NN1) from Shawn as a Christmas gift, with a Guitar Force Humbucker, and 2 Parker Design custom wrapped Dimarzio Pickups, Wilkinson bridge, active switching, hand carved out of hard rock maple, with a modified Parker Nitefly neck. it’s a one of a kind.

Cpt Nathan Nevitt

After a few technical difficulties involving passwords and the like I am now able to login and contribute to this page again.  The first thing I need to do is to apologize to anybody and everybody that I have hurt with my recent actions.  I know that what I did was wrong and I am now trying to make amends for said actions and rebuild the trust that I so wantonly destroyed.  I am truly and deeply sorry for my actions and I ask forgiveness from everyone I hurt.  To SZ I am so sorry for what I did and I only hope that you can forgive me -Captain Nathan Nevitt


Nathan Nevitt-04-21-09


nathan nevitt pursued proposed to and exchanged vows with shawn zone walker


Posted by Captain Nathan Nevitt, (Edit of  Tom Previously), Tail Gunner Key, The Aaronic Order, The Left Wing Conspiracy, The Gay Agenda, The Alien Indoctrination, It will be Edited + updated throughout the month.

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Black Friday in a nation in the red. A hush fell over last week’s secret summit meeting, which this webmaster did not attend. 11 – 19 – 09, very hush hush, top secret. Congratulations are in order for a mission accomplished, Captain Nathan and Commander Shawn.  Nathan proposed and exchanged marriage vows for a third time, with Shawn, this time in a private ceremony of a more formal nature, publicly, in a house of worship. Rothko Chapel, SZ’s family has long opened their arms to Nathan, welcoming him into their family.

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It has been 1,512 Days awaiting the long over due apology from Victoria Conwell + her Operatives. Aaron Housos gift that keeps on giving, He knows her, we don’t. Did someone say Roman Polanski?

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Aaron Housos is concerned about your mental health. (Who knew)

Fake it until you make it. Posted by Tom Morris

To all my haters, back off. I may be plastic, but at least I’m acrylonitrile styrene. I leave for several weeks, and I’m all over the internet. I didn’t know I was a damn corporation.I better trademark soon. ***On a side note, Jay’s work on the WordPress is amazing. It looks fabulous. Good job. Also, a shoutout to Shawn for lending an ear during the last week. Your advice and support is priceless.

nathan nevitt ruthlessly pursued and proposed to and exchanged vows with shawn zone walker

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The people who use the word ‘immature’ speak from self experience of it.


Captain Nathan had a few words on the subject of art, (which he could have interjected into any update rambling, we’re short-staffed right now)
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What is it really?
What does it take to be an artist?
What qualifies you to make any judgements about what is and isn’t art?
Unless you know what it takes to create something, you should withhold all judgements.
Just a thought.


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The Wrap Up – Updates Ongoing August September

A Nathan Nevitt Art Gallery

Developer Test

We have Nick (He’s a Pirate in todays Navy) taking a test cruise.  Novelist, Graphic Novelist, pirate of the post sludge, post doom metal boy band The Great Scott Fitzgeralds, treating us with some eye candy from stranger, or whatever he’s experimenting with. I always take candy from strangers, especially the ones in the black helicopters I always find myself in after those abductions, it’s the grays, the ones with the really big eyes. (Enough about that, I’ve said too much already). They don’t go to Tea baggings except Michelle Bachman.


posted by the Captain

What is it really?
What does it take to be an artist?
What qualifies you to make any judgemets about what is and isn’t art?
Unless you know what it takes to create something, you should withhold all judgements.
Just a thought.


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How we feel.

This is how i feel about life right now.


This is how I feel about Shawn

This is how i feel about Shawn :)


Test? staring the Captain and baby Aiden.


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My thoughts are with you SZ. I love you, you are my world. Forever


This being as late as it is, we would like to extend our thanks to Aaron Harris and Aaron Turner off ISIS, Andrew from Tombs, not to mention Trevor and Larry from Pelican for something I can’t explain, but may or may not involve being gracious hosts and or care givers, but to whom or what is shrouded in mystery, or possibly not.

Thank you Sam Seder + Marc Maron + Brendan + Our friends at Air Anerica Media

Here’s Tom with the weather, or mystical predictions.
Originally Posted by Tom
I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!
Be safe. Have fun. Fall in love. Hugs. Kisses.

Like that’ll happen



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I am not Aaron. There is a picture of me further down this page. I have never met him nor do I want to. I have nothing to do with him and I never want anything to do with him. I am nothing like him

how dreams can make everything better when nothing else can.

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When the dream started I was locked in a castle esque tower and did not know how I was going to get out when, out of nowhere my boyfriend, Shawn, showed up at the window and freed me by helping me down onto the roof and down to the ground. Then we were in Shawn’s backyard, only it wasn’t just his backyard, it was ours, and it was being completely re-done starting from the dirt up and it was done before I realized where I was. We then walked into the house through the double glass doors. The room we walked into was an wide, round, open room that had a high ceiling with lots of window space and led to the front of the house, where there was a beautiful curved staircase. I followed Shawn down the hallway to our bedroom, it was the first door on the right just before the bathroom, and he said he needed to get dressed because for some reason he was in only his boxers. At this point Shawn looked rather depressed, I thought to walk up behind him and put my arms around him, but for some reason I decided against this. I thought that maybe it would be better to leave him alone for a little while. Just next to the room I entered from the backyard was the kitchen where two children, brothers, sat with Shawn’s mother, The Mum, at the table eating macaroni and cheese for lunch. The older boy was about ten or eleven years old, and the younger one was around five or six. These children weren’t strangers, they were ours as well, we had adopted them when the younger boy was a baby. The older boy had plans for the day to go to a carnival with friends, it was a sunny summer day, but he had to eat his lunch before he could leave. When they were done eating the older boy jumped up from the table and started running around getting ready to go to the carnival, he then called his friend and ran out the front door waving goodbye as he went. The younger one finished just after his brother and also jumped up from the table and ran to play with his toys in front of the T.V. in the adjoining room while The Mum, smiling, cleared the table. I loved seeing my boys healthy and happy. This was overall a pleasant dream except for the part where Shawn was upset, I wish I knew what that part meant.

Photo: Captain Nathan: Black Moss on Rock


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My heart is breaking, I’m slowly dying inside. I need you baby. I need to feel that your with me. I’m becoming numb to all of this pain, i don’t want to be numb. When your numb you can’t feel the good stuff either. I don’t want that. I love you so much Shawn. Your my world, my angel, my heart.


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The statement below was not meant to bring things to a grinding halt, it was meant to avoid the same kind inflammatory shot back here again. the libel practiced by say, Conwell, and let’s just use her as a verb or an adverb, maybe an adjective. I’m waiting for some kind of apology for her cracks, and it better be a big one.

I may or may not be updating several pages of this Aaron SHRINE, depending on the behavior of The Crew. We want to run a tight ship here


The Webmaster is not the commentator, it’s the maintainer, not the content decider but the translator, content falls to SZ’s family and reps, etc., and that envelope could be pushed, on the creative end, but not in response to internet terrorists. This is in response to Levi’s updated dialogue, that I agree with, and an interesting read.


If a cell phone rings, a lot of people want explanations and acts of contrition, this is where you don’t have the upper hand A+. You have a log in here, your password is the same. In other words A+ you have no bargaining power considering what you put so many people through. Several people are waiting for explanations for damages that you think is healthier to forget. You fired me, embarrassed a record label, ruined a career, not to mention what we’ve never brought up here, on a site that you own half of. A background check is for criminal records, please don’t include us in anymore of your psychosis. Now we’ll do what Jay likes.

We just keep ‘SHRINING’
Off ‘Shrine building’ What an ego, Aaron, for a terrorist. Jay IX

Lieutenant Levi’s interesting exasperations will now be found buried


The below, I just happen to agree with, as I am sure anyone else would be

Thus the Godhead spoke, as Aaron is the center of all life and universes revolve around him and shrines erected to him, (in his imagination). What are past things should be left, as if these things never happened. This Godhead sounds like the George Bush Legacy Tour. As infallible of a thing as both of them could be, it is the Godhead who created his universe, and others make things like mistakes in that imaginary world, where there are long lasting real world consequences. Thus leaving the Godhead freedom from things like his own lies and actions even if they cost others. I raise you a Conwell, your gift that kept on giving. Check that attitude before you know what’s being recorded, which God thing are you exactly? And who are you to say much of anything?, thing is how desperate a thing.

BTW Interested parties, for Aaron’s professional references, inquire within admin @ this domain.



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Who the hell do you think you are deciding who its okay for me to be with!!! Who the fuck do you think you are deciding wether or not I should talk to someone because you don’t agree with our relationship!!!! What the fuck do you think your proving? Do you really think that this is going to work? Do you think this will kill our relationship? How stupid can you be? To think that taking away my phone at night would harm our relationship in any way. I have other ways of talking to him, myspace, skype, on my phone during the day this is only a tiny little glitch. Your efforts will not make any difference. Nothing will kill this love! Are you really heartless enough to try?

Posted by The Captain 31 January