Prepared by Levi Dennis Wall (Still in the draft stage)

Shawn Zone Walker: (Shawn Walker, Swim Team Captain, Shy)
Guitars + Variations of, 8,7, & 6 String. Basses + Variations of, Sound Design, Keyboards, Drums & Percussion, Programming, Voice, Engineering, Production, Lyricist, Conceptualist, Found Sound, Composer, Producer, Photographer, Media Consultant, Production Consultant Artist, (Analog and Digital), Swimmer, Boy Racer, Psychological Associate Ph.D Student, Human Rights Activist. Human Rights Campaign
Owner: Films Productions LLC, A + Z = Infinity and XOS (Independent Imprint Labels), Partner in Extreme Music LLC

Aaron H James: (Reserved)
Drums & Percussion, Guitars, Basses, Drums, Programming, Voice, Sound design, Co-production, Found Sound, Keyboards, Composer Photography, Human Rights Campaign

Levi D Wall:
Basses, Additional Voice, Guitars, Synths & Keyboards, Percussion, Sound design, Programming, Photography, Videography, Website Tweaker, Tennis, Boy Racer, Film School Ph.D Student

Kurt Vogl:
Additional + Lead Vocals, Guitars, Basses, Drums, Percussion, Sound Design, Synths, Programming, Conceptualist, Human Rights Activist. Philosophy Student, New York & Germany

Zachary Malone:
Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Programming, Opinions, Studio Chief London

Bass, Voice, Collaborator

Chris Sweeney:
Engineer, Studio Chief Management NY, Live Sound, Formerly Drums

James Heiser:
Project Manager, Additional Instruments Occasionally, Opinions

Jay G Nein:
Web Development, Graphics

Spokesperson, Organizer, Adviser

Tom Morris:

Andrew Self:
Gear Tech, Additional Voice

Dallas Andrew:
Gear Tech, Backline, Road Manager

Constance Alee for P.P.I.

Zagata for Sony Music Group

Julie Gordon:
Label Coordination, Agent

Label Liaison:
Kenichiro Yoshida

Additional Graphics

Instruments From:
Ibanez Custom Shop, Strandberg, Skervensen (SW), Hapas Custom Shop, Dillon, Grover Jackson (Fender Custom Shop), Yamaha Custom Shop, Schecter Custom Shop, Arda, Guitars
Orange, Bogner, Diesel, Yamaha, Marshall, Fryette, Peavey, Line 6 Amplification
DW, Tama, Yamaha, Roland, Mandela, Paiste Drums
Moog, Korg, Nord, Avid Controllers and Keyboards
Apple Computers (Note Thanks Louis Rossman)

Cole from Kenneth Cole Productions, Hagen Aiken, Darian (Prada), Mike Ruiz, CamGang (London)

Thanks for keeping us informed: The Majority Report
Michael Jamal Brooks, Rest In Power

In Loving Memory of Markus Walker who made all of this possible

Contact: management (at) shawnzone or project (at) shawnzone
Someone may get back to you in time

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Method Method

Paul Feyeraband (The Late ‘Against Method’ philosophy author), This, is a call out