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Timothy Aaron James co-founded the former Films Crew Band with Shawn Zone. At this time Aaron had more than a committed business partnership with Shawn, their vision brought Films Crew Collective (FilmsCrewBand) into a multi-faceted gay collective of progressive metal Djent and THALL precision. During this time they were carving themselves out as design and photo - video teams with Levi Wall, while building a music production and astroglide team into basically a marriage atop a Manhattan skyline. now London. These boys would make Andrew Tate blush. This temporary Bio was written by The Dutchman, Levi Wall


I will craft this into something more coherent as soon as schedule permits. If I am permitted one more edit before we move on to something more substantial. ┬áI keep hearing the words, “When we get back to normal”… ┬áNormal? … Continue reading