As we are in this soft relaunch phase for the site and a complete re-branding by refusing any branding of ourselves as a band…  Idle hands…   It’s no secret that we don’t like social media and it’s narcissism, so I’ve decided to do a bit of an art experiment.  Last October, SZ (Shawn) asked me to join him in a quest of sorts for musicians on a platform, he had been at it for a few months, (this must have begun during the London trip with Aaron).  SZ (Shawn) was exercising this voyeuristic tendency by watching musicians, originally for an upcoming project he has been asked to do however, he’s too shy to engage with them, to him, it feels like he is intruding.  Needless to say, I bore easily, and live streaming musicians are their own worst narcissitic enemies, while I’m not here to critique the egos and mental deficits at play there,  An exception to this is a DJ who had been making the quite the stir in some NYU circles called Spy_hapa who we’ve listened to sonic collages by for almost a year.  Needless to say, he did find a couple of really talented people whom we all wish well, (and yes, Aaron has been studying this with SZ (Shawn). While this all could lead to nothing, or whether we collaborate in some way with one of them is still an unknown.  and with the current situation globally, most things are unknowns, so we are reformulating what we want to do should their be a future for this industry.

Somehow in all this musician voyeurism I discovered Discord.  Discord is not like our internal group Slack.  From the aforementioned platform I am leaving nameless, a few people found me, though I’ve only allowed one to stay, (he’s much more interested, and for good reason in SZ (Shawn, who is a natural blond with more intriguingly good looks).  This page won’t be indexed or crawled or listed anywhere. But Jay (our webmaster) has noticed that some of you are quite enterprising, when we have something put up, somehow you find it, we take it down and put something else up, and the cycle repeats.  This represents more of a challenge, it’s unlikely this page will be found, and it’s also highly likely that I won’t know realize my neglected Discord, which started as a micro-blog for the most part.  So it is here that I place a link to my Discord which I doubt will be found, even if I notice it.


While I’m here, and should this be found.  NO, we aren’t answering questions about what our recording projects or what SZ (Shawn) is producing.  There has been a part of this industry profiteering off of a pandemic, and we won’t be part of it. It’s a mystery who is insuring the bands or the venues, but there are some outrageous practices occurring.

Aaron and I will “Try” to keep some things somewhat updated, but we are probably better leaving it up to one of our cohorts, although we are the only ones who can explain it, because SZ (Shawn) doesn’t want to, nor does he have to explain anything, however he’s too good natured to let that go on for too long.  He doesn’t even know about his own section on his own website.  We are on a vacation of sorts and the photographs I’ve taken would make all your collective heads spin, since we were discussing voyeurism.


Until I return

Levi D Wall

About Levi Wall

L.D.Wall, Levi has been the bassist for Films Crew Collective (FilmsCrewBand) with ShawnZone Walker and Aaron Housos James also providing videography and visuals, branching out to his own VideoLabVentures. Frequently takes hiatuses, is ardently political, loathing social media. Levi also has his own recording project, Predator (Band). At times contentious, should be avoided at all costs when he and Aaron are intent on getting something accomplished.
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