On behalf of Shawn, Aaron, Levi, Kurt, Zac, Tom, Amanda, Jay and the rest of The Collective that makes up ShawnZone dot Org, Films Crew Collective, and the various music and media endeavors within, there is a slow return to form as the Global Pandemic is the first concern, as well as the reason for withdrawal from the space they occupied.  A return to form will be as different as the form the world returns to.   If there is part of SZ’s lexicon that deserves our attention, it is, “Patience”.

While the band was not at a point of unraveling, there were new directions previously hinted at, which had been in development as long as they have been a collective band.  Should the world manage to navigate this pandemic with care and mitigation, Shawn, Aaron, and co. will be pursuing these paths.  In the coming months, glimpses of what is to come will fill these spaces.

My thanks to Shawn and Aaron for allowing me to make the first update in their relaunch, and for their unconditional love and support over the last year.  Mask up and mitigate.
Buster O


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Jay Nein is Webmaster for, for $450.00 an hour he can be your's too. Jay has been a longtime friend and collaborator with Shawn + Aaron + Levi (possibly formerly known as FilmsCrewBand). He runs his own web design and web app firm. Jay keeps what social media the members of Films Crew Collective have up to date because they obviously can't be bothered, and their management is afraid of them doing so. This temporary bio was written by The Dutchman, Levi Wall
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